Pig farming 2021: adapting to new realities

The XIII international scientific and practical conference “Pig breeding-2021, adaptation to new post-pandemic realities” was held in Moscow at the International Industrial Academy. It was attended by the heads and specialists of agricultural holdings, pig-breeding, meat-processing and feed enterprises, heads and specialists of the agro-industrial complex of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, industry unions and associations of the agro-industrial complex, representatives of domestic and foreign companies, representatives of research institutes and higher educational institutions. Among the main topics of the conference were the global challenges of 2021 as a result of new post-pandemic realities, high genetic potential and tools to achieve it, the art of managing feed rations, the reaction of the market and the consumer to changes in the meat balance, reserves for the growth of domestic pork consumption, veterinary medicine: global challenges – how manage them, biosafety is a key factor in the sustainability of the livestock business, tools to improve management and production efficiency.