The working group of experts on improving and optimizing the List of peer-reviewed publications, together with the expert councils of the Higher Attestation Commission, approved a methodology for evaluating publications. All journals are divided into quartiles – K1, K2, K3. The journal ” Veterinaria i kormlenie” according to the results of an expert assessment is assigned to the highest quartile – K1.


In the RSCI rating, the Veterinaria i kormlenie magazine for the first time in the history of rating definitions took the honorable first place. If you select “veteri…” in the title, all journals with “veterinary science” in their titles in all forms are selected. In sorting, we put “by Science Index rating”, and here it is the desired result!

Pig farming 2021: adapting to new realities

The XIII international scientific and practical conference “Pig breeding-2021, adaptation to new post-pandemic realities” was held in Moscow at the International Industrial Academy. It was attended by the heads and specialists of agricultural holdings, pig-breeding, meat-processing and feed enterprises, heads and specialists of the agro-industrial complex of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, industry unions and associations of the agro-industrial complex, representatives of domestic…

Recognition of distinguished achievements

Member of the editorial board of the journal «Veterinaria i kormlenie» Luis Enjuanes, director of the coronavirus group at the CNB-CSIC has been elected as new international member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. Enjuanes is currently leading one of the two CNB-CSIC projects to develop a vaccine against the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. This election recognizes his distinguished and continuing achievements in…

X Anniversary International Veterinary Congress

The «Veterinaria i kormlenie» magazine is a media partner of the International Veterinary Congress. Reports about which you can find on our website in the archive of numbers. The X Anniversary International Veterinary Congress will take place in April. This year Moscow has been chosen as the venue. Over its ten-year history, the Congress has become a central scientific event in the field of veterinary…