Журнал «Ветеринария и кормление»
Jurnal «Veterinaria I kormlenie»

ISSN 1814-9588 Подписной индекс в каталоге «Пресса России» 42111

The journal “Veterinaria I kormlenie” is published since 2004. The magazine covers the best practices of practitioners, academics latest developments in the treatment and feeding of animals. The vast majority of material is prepared by the authors with advanced degrees.

The main headings of the journal “Veterinaria I kormlenie”:
- Fundamental priority scientific discoveries;
- Veterinary Software farms;
- Feeding technology farm animals;

The journal “Veterinaria I kormlenie” is included in the list of scholarly journals and publications VAK (Higher Attestation Commission), which shall be published by the main scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in the field of Veterinary, Animal husbandry, biology. Materials magazine placed in the public domain - in scientific digital libraries. The impact factor is calculated Russian Science Citation Index Journal - RINC.

The Jurnal “Veterinaria I kormlenie” it is appropriated ISSN - 1814-9588.
Editor-in-chief – Vladimir Khramenkov